Ordering a gown

I can custom-make any of the items shown on the website – and more. What I can make depends mostly on what fabrics I can source.

I am also happy to work with you on your ideas if you want something special.  For custom orders I like to discuss everything thoroughly with you so we are both happy you are getting what you want, before I start work.  Be warned though – with the best will in the world, custom made silk gowns outside the standard patterns on offer are not going to be cheap.

UK postage is still free – overseas orders go by courier, insured, and this can be costly, so I do charge for this. Cost depends on the weight of the gown – remember some, like a cotton polonaise, are heavy. The Courier service will need a contact telephone number for you. I keep no records of this and never disclose your data to anyone.

If you have a special event please make sure you let me know and allow plenty of time. Current waiting time is 3 months. I know its difficult to order online and I’m always happy to talk about frocks – it would be great to hear from you.


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