I have posted about this technique before, but its such a nifty thing to know that I though I’d add it again here. Making pleats can involve a lot of tedious measuring, calculating, marking, pinning and tacking – or you can use a fork and save yourself a lot of hard work. Its genius! I’ve used ribbon to illustrate it, but you can do skirts and frills, and alternate your fork direction to make box pleats too.

First find a fork, some ribbon and a machine.

Fork pleating startI used my hand machine here  because needles and forks don’t mix too well, but with a bit of practice you can do these really quickly.

fork pleating insert forkInsert the fork with one of the tines under the ribbon.





Turn the fork towards you,  then fold it under, taking the ribbon with it.

fork pleating turn forkfork pleating fold






fork pleating sew down

Fork pleating - et voilaRemove the fork and sew down the pleat. And repeat. …..Its a really fast and accurate way to get miles and miles of even pleats done in a hurry.  Imagine measuring and pinning this lot.

I now have several forks – a normal one, a tiny pickle fork, a cake fork and a meat fork – according to the size of pleats I need. It might sound like a faff, but it really works.