Welcome to Classic Costume

 I offer quality ready-made and custom-made reproduction historical costumes for ladies and gentlemen, specialising in the Regency and Georgian (18th Century) eras.

Ready-made items are for sale in my Etsy Shop

Prices Start from £300 for Regency Gowns, £350 for 1-piece Georgian

Silk Velvet Regency ballgowns are in my Etsy Shop now.

 Each design is thoroughly researched and inspired by original period patterns, illustrations or paintings. I use genuine natural fabrics and sewing techniques so there are quite a few pins, ties and laces involved in my gowns.

Custom-made items

For any of the items shown on the website I am happy to make up your size, fabric and colour, plus small variations like sleeve length, neckline and trimmings, for the standard price.  Extras like ruffles, pintucks and elaborate trims will cost a little more. I do try to keep costs down and can source a lot of items quite reasonably, but be aware that special fabrics and in particular, trims, can add quite a lot to the cost of a gown.

I have a new policy with custom orders that you tell me your requirements and I make up the gown then offer you first refusal. That way you can see what you are getting before you buy, and nobody is disappointed.

New items are added depending on the fabrics, trims and new techniques I discover.  I try never to make the same dress twice so you can be sure that no other lady will be wearing the same dress.

Feel free to contact me